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Summers are here, and my hair are getting oily, dull and lifeless the very next day I shampoo due to dust, sweat, pollution and what not.

Today, I am here to review the newly launched L’oreal Paris Hair Expertise 6 Oil Nourish Oil-in-Cream Oil Replacement Cream. Not to forget Garnier was the first one to introduce us with the oil-in-cream and when I saw L’oreal coming up with the oil-in-cream thing I bought it without giving a second thought. These oil-in-cream are generally light weight and mild on our scalp.And my tresses will totally appreciate non-oily, light-weight products. Read more to know my thoughts on it.

Price: INR 135 for 200 ml

You can BUY it from amazon.in


Product description:

How to use:


The product comes in a beautiful yellow and golden tube with a dark brown flip top cap. The cap is tight enough and the tube is totally travel friendly. All the details about product, usage, ingredients are mentioned on the tube which is a great thing.

My experience with L’oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Oil-in-Cream Oil Replacement Cream:

A year ago, I do proper oiling and everything but with time I found it a bit messier and time consuming. Also, this might be because we have so many options available now that oiling has become an older version for our hair care. hehe. BUT i still swear by the oiling technique. Also, In summers, hair oils feels a little heavy and greasy so, I prefer these products more.

I would like to mention that my hair are not super dry or super damaged. So, the results below are my personal experience with normal to oily hair.

I have used this oil-in-cream in all the ways suggested to use and my experience has been shared below:

Overnight Therapy:

Applying it overnight gives smooth, silky and super soft hair the next day. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on hair. Also, its extremely light weight texture won’t let you think that you have something on your hair. My hair feels repaired and gorgeous using this overnight and this is actually the best therapy that gives 100% results with single application.

Before Shampoo:

It is the best and the easiest way to use this cream. You just need to apply it before 30 minutes and then washed off. This suits me the best, I apply it all over my hair and then do my other work meanwhile, brushing, taking out clothes to wear, etc etc and no matter if it takes exact 30 mins or not, I just go and take bath. The cream works quite well, in this technique also. Post wash, it gives super soft and manageable hair. It has perfect balanced formula that acts as hair oil and keeps hair soft after shampoo and remains the same all day long.

After shampoo:

It can be used as a leave-in-cream or conditioner. It provides silky texture without making hair oily or anything of that sort. The time when my hair feels life less and dull, I prefer this technique. The cream gets absorbed within 5 to 10 minutes and makes my hair look instantly soft and smooth.

Final verdict:

This cream works amazing in all the techniques. I mostly prefer the before shampoo technique to use it. This cream keeps my hair soft, smooth and manageable for whole day. Its even better than the garnier oil-in-cream.


  • Affordable
  • Benefits of 6 oils in one cream
  • Easily absorbed
  • Non-oily, non-greasy
  • Lightweight texture
  • Effects Stays for long
  • Makes hair smoother, softer, shiner and manageable
  • Tame frizz and dullness
  • Travel friendly


  • Contains lots of chemicals
  • Not really sure if it does control hair fall

Rating: 4.5/5

Staple or not?

Definitely YES!

Would I recommend this to you?

YES! You should definitely try this and I am sure you will love it. It makes hair super manageable. I highly recommend this especially for summers.

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